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Monday, July 9, 2007

2:12PM - recent pic

we'll here is me at 30 weeks.i am now 31 weeks but i am behind at posting .. hah man i can't beleive how fast the time is flying ! We are getting our asses in gear with the nursery! I will post pics as soon as we are done.
I am feeling SUPER my back just kills.. any one know of any thing to make it feel better??? hah
I am enjoying this coolish weather to it is great !
Hope all is well with everyone i will post really soon !

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Friday, June 15, 2007


well i am almost 28 weeks, that is getting really close to the 30 week mark. I am getting there hah 2 1/2 months left. I am getting really anxious and scared, mostly scared, hoping i will be a good mom. I have so much to do yet but i think it will all fall into place. I am going to prime the babys room this weekend so hopefully throughout the week i can get it painted. I am doing it lime green and blue. 2 walls lime green and 2 blue ! I think it will look really cute and the spare (babys ) room is getting soo full of stuff hah i have to get it in order. I am going to take pics of all the cute stuff i have this weekend and post the pictures ! This weekend is going to be a busy one , i have to go and help decorate for a baby shower that is going to be tomorrow , then go to drum tomorrow morning to do some shopping, go to the baby shower , then thank god relax, then sunday i have another baby shower and we are having a fathers day BBQ for my grandparents and shawns dad. I hope it turns out good ! My flowers are all planted and are looking really good, but i am almost too fat to bend over and weed, so i dont' know how i am going to work that . I will take pics of my lovely flower beds to hah
i hope you all have a good weekend , and here are some pictures of me in my 27th week. I have another ultrasound on next thursday so i am hoping to get some good pictures , better ones than my first ultrasound and i will post them as well
Take care ! Oh and here is a recent pic of my dog to .. bear.. he makes me laugh i dont' know what i would do without him ! Such a crazy guy !

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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

10:12AM - belly shots, catch up

Wow.. this heat can really take alot out of a person hah
I dont' find it too bad outside, but here at work it is pretty brutal, but i guess i should get used to it , it is only going to get hotter. I just get so frusterated because i go out to work in my flower beds or to play with bear and man i just get too hot and have to come in the house. maybe i will build up a tolerance to the heat hah
Here are 2 pictures of how big i am getting
One is 24 weeks , the one with the white shirt and the other one is of today, 26 weeks and 2 days. It is so hard to beleive how fast the time is going . Wow i have 3 months or 96 days left untill my due date. I am impressed with all the stuff we are getting done at home. We have the dog house finished.. the flower beds are all rotatilled i just have to get out there and finish planting , and we just had to dry wall one bedroom, redo the bathroom and we are set. Ready for baby. We went to garage sales on saturday morning and i was so suprised at the stuff i found
i will post pics of all the baby / nursery stuff i have later
And for now .. the pregnant pics !

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Monday, May 28, 2007


Ok so i went for my ultrasound on May the 14th .. i know i am really late at posting this . But we are having a BOY ! WhooHoo i am soo excitted ! That is secretly what we both wanted, but neither one of us wanted to say what we wanted :)
So here are 2 pics, one is of feet which is pretty obvious and the other is of the little face. You really have to tilt your head to see it but you can see the little nose, lips and eyes. His little face is quite squished, hah but you can still see it. I am 24 weeks and 5 days today ! And still feeling great. Gaining weight like CRAZY but i am still doing good, and came to the realization i midaswell eat whatever i want because i am getting fat either way ha. I have to go for a gestostrial diabetes test, i should of went today but i didn't make the 12 hours of fasting i need to so i have to get up and do it on Monday. I really hope it goes well.
So i have been busy getting stuff for the nursery now It is very exciting~
I have decided to paint the walls Lime green and light blue. I am going to get a friend of mine to paint a big palm tree in the corner of 2 walls, and i am doing a MONKEY theme ! I am so excitted ! It should look great. I have gotten quite a bit of stuff off ebay i will post pics of that soon ~
Here are the ultrasound pics !

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Friday, May 25, 2007

10:52AM - Found Kitty~

ok so my kitty came home 3 days after i posted the missing cat post . lol i went and put up posters every where ... then Shawn came home and we just went and grabbed the staple gun and more posters.. and who came around the corner.. GIZMO did .. so all is well in the Godziuk Residence !

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Thursday, May 10, 2007


I think this is one of the saddest days of my life, my little kitty Gizmo did not come home last night, he was outside since 8 am and did not come home and still wans't home when i went home for lunch. All i can do today is cry, i feel so bad i just want to know where he is. We drove all around last night and this morning trying to find him, and we didnt' have any luck... i called to see if the dog catcher got any calls about a run over cat and he didn't , i called the SPCA to see if a cat got turned in and i am just waiting to hear back from them.
I really hope that Gizmo finds his way home...
He has never spent the night outside before and this cat means the world to me !

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Friday, April 27, 2007


ok so this was me before i got pregnant..

and here is me at almost 21 weeks...

and here is a better one maybe.. Notice the hooters lol

So i don't know i have almost gained 20 pounds but i think i am carring it pretty good.
So what is new ? Not too much work is still busy being it is spring, and Shawn is still working at UFA but in the process of getting his own business license so that is good , he will be able to make a little extra money on the side.
On the 30th we will have been married 2 years.. wow imagine that eh ? how time flys

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Thursday, April 19, 2007


We'll it has been another rainy cold crappy shitty day here in Hanna . I will be so glad when this week is over.. 1 more day :) i have not had morning sickness at all for 2 weeks thank god but i get headaches SO bad that i can hardly see .. it really sux even when i wear my glasses. I had my doctors appointment today, and i got to hear the baby's heartbeat again, and i gained 6 pounds in 3 weeks (YIKES) ah and they didnt' really say anything else, besides everything looks good. They said when i go back to the doctor in 6 weeks i should be ready to schedule an ultrasound. I really want one hah and Shawn is getting really anxious to see the baby!
one of my really close friends mom's passed away and the funeral was this week. It was a terriable day but i am glad it is over, i cry over commercials so going to a funeral was not that great. I could hardly hold myself together .. my god the joys of being pregnant haha
This weekend is going to be busy it is my Randas baby shower on Sunday, Saturday i am helping her do her wedding invitations and then also on Sunday is my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary so .. it is going to be busy. I just really hope that the weather smartens up. Other than that nothing is new.. nothing ever is hah this town is boring , and so is my life i guess
i am just glad i figured out how to post pictures :) WHOOHOO

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Oh my god i finally felt the baby move today.. i am 18 weeks .. 3 days i beleive. I have been getting worried wondering when the hell i was going to feel it ! But finally, it is so excitting , like something is rolling around in your stomach .. that is what it feels like to me any ways.
Still crappy weather here, i can't wait untill it is summer! Our second anniversary is coming up here on the 30th of this month , any good ideas of what to do or where to go ? We were thinking maybe the banff springs hotel. We haven't gone there before. May be fun. Take our bikes and do some biking while i still can
I am still tying to fool around with pics hah so if this one works it is Shawn and my girl friends new baby !
What do you think of the names (honestly tell me )
-Astrid, Mina, Melrose, Mary-Jane, Eva or Hayden for girls ? If it is a boy it is going to be Nick .. we are almost 99% sure , and i know it is a girl.. just a feeling but i am pretty sure .


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Tuesday, April 3, 2007


First How do you make your journal FRIENDS ONLY ?
HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAWN!!! I hope you have a great day !
It is fricking snowing here .. i can't beleive it , what a retarted few days it has been , just like Christmas again, i thought it was supposed to be Spring..
Anyways, i have been feeling alot better, i am getting big FAST, my next appointment on APril 19th so i am really hoping to find out what the baby is !
Other than that not too much is new around here.. Work and more work . We had a good weekend, we went to YUk Yuks here in town, ya they actually came to hanna. hah and it was really good actually . Lots of Laughs. Then i am really looking forward to the 4 day weekend comming up. We are both off so i just want to relax and maybe catch up on some movies. We watched that movie Blood Diamond the other day.. and wow how disturbing. I can't beleive stuff like that still goes on in the world... if you havent watched it you should, it has a good story!
Any one watch prison break ? It is my FAVORITE show.. hah can't beleive next week is the finally!

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Friday, March 23, 2007


What a beautiful day it is here today ! I am so happy about that and it is supposed to be EVEN nicer tomorrow . SO i am so glad it is friday.. this week has seemed super long to me.
I went to the doctors yesterday. and i guess everything is going good, he still didn't mention any thing about the ultrasound.. but he did have this little machine where i got to hear the baby's heart beat so that was exciting. Shawn was upset he missed it ..lol he had to be at work , but i promised him he would see the baby in the ultrasound whenever we get that done...
This weekend he has to work saturday so i think i am going to go to my aunts farm and check out the baby calves.. lol and then i have one of my friends wedding dances that night.. how fun that will be being the only sober one there LMAO but i should still make an appeareance.
Then Sunday Shawn is off so i am sure we will spend the day doing something.. together .. who knows what this town blows and there is nothing to do EVER......
have a good weekend everyone !

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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


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Just trying to get pics to work :)


My best friend had her baby last night ! 9:40 pm.. quick 40 minute labor.. 6 pound 4 oz baby! Presley i love it . I am so excitted to go and see the little on and my friend. I talked to her this morning and that baby was already breast feeding .. and they are both doing awesome.. i am soo happy for them :)
Other than that .. same old same old here really.. Shawn is on the 9-6 shift this week so i have 2 hours after work to myself.. i should use it to clean the house and catch up on laundry and whatever.. but i dont hah i watch TV instead .. and thank god for TV Tropolis.. i am such a loser i have been catching up on OLD BEVERLY HILLS 90210 it is so funny.. i am such a loser.. but hey i live in Hanna there is nothing else to do .
It snowed here last night.. hard to beleive i was soo sure that spring was here... hopefully soon..
I have my doctors appointment tommorow AM i am 15 weeks. i will update tommorow and let you all know what is going on !
I am going to TRY to post more pics...

Friday, March 16, 2007


Here are the pretty flowers i got for my birthday ! I love them.. too bad flowers didn't last longer ... lol
My birthday was good... went out for lunch with my aunt and she got me some awesome shirts ( not really maternity but big and strechy enough i will be able to wear them for quite awhile ) and then i got some cute garden decorations from Shawn , and some pretty willow angels from his parents , a necklace from my grandparents, candles...
Alot of nice stuff i was very lucky.
then we went out for supper HAM AND SCALLOPED POTATOES my favorite !
Then Shawn and i just hung out ! It was nice
I am so glad the weekend is supposed to be nice ! WHOO HOO

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Thursday, March 15, 2007


YEY IT IS MY BIRTHDAY LOL LOL I am 22 today.. where oh where does the frickin time go ? LOL

Thursday, March 8, 2007



Ok lets see if this works.. these are the pics of our mexico trip!
LOL i am the tanned one hahah

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10:10AM - Felling MUCHA better :)

Wow i can't beleive it has been over a month since i have posted in my journal. Part of the reason was .. well really if i got in the shower and made it to work it was a BIG acomplishment, needless to say i have felt like shit for the last month, my boss and his wife were on holidays for a month leaving me here , and made me feel like i had to come into work every day , because if i didn't there would be no one here , and that is not very good... and ya i was an emotional wreck ... NOTICE THE WAS hah
I am feeling MUCHA better thank god.. i don't feel like such an emotional basketcase... so that is soo good. I feel more stable , i am EXCITTED about this baby, i have always been excitted but i just felt... scared and unsure and worried i would not be a good mom before. But for some reason i got the confidence boost i muchly needed and my moods have started to be really.. great, back to normal , i feel like my normal self but .. fatter haahah
I am starting to show, my hips have... i dont' know what the hell happened to them but they have seriously spread or something.. does that make any sence ? ?????? i dont' fit into any of my normal pants and my boobs are SUPER heave and huge, but other than that i feel good. My hair and finger nails are growing super fast :) another bonus. I have spending more time with my girl friends who have just had babies and after watching them and seeing the babies it is like "aww.. i am sure ready to have one of those"
What else.. oh ya middle of last month my computer here at work the hard drive crashed.. yey so i lost EVERYTHING all the house pictures, all the paper work .. everything so that really sucked and i had to restore the whole thing before my boss got back . That was stressful but i got it done.. i dont' know how but i did :)
What else is new.... same old same old. Shawn got a new job at UFA and he is actually really liking it and we get full bluecross benefits so that is just awesome, i am so happy for that , i need new glasses... teeth whitened all that stuff so that is just awesome i wont' have to pay for it LMAO LMAO
It is Shawns 24th birthday tommorow.. wow hard to beleive we have been together since he was 18.. how time flys.... my birthday is next thursday on the 15th... i will be 22 ... have to find somethign fun to do that doesn't involve drinking!
We'll this is a pretty long post so i am going to end it for now and try and figure out HOW to post pictures AGAIN

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Thursday, February 1, 2007


Getting closer....
Going to have a tantrum... LOL


How about this ? LOL thank god for khailynn you are such a great help! Thanks

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